What Others Say About Alan

Good counsellors are a dime a dozen, but Alan Mayer isn’t a good counsellor… He’s a phenomenal one. He has this rare and intuitive talent that allows him to be both kind and non-judgmental while gently and simultaneously challenging old beliefs and provoking new ways of thinking. I gratefully credit him with helping me navigate through what I consider to be the single biggest challenge I have faced in my life.
G.I. Researcher and Mother

Alan is much more than a coach and brings more intuition and experience and downright magic to his encounters than anyone I’ve ever known. It’s rare to find someone with such a mixture of great compassion, intellect, knowledge and humour. Without exception, every person I’ve recommended go see Alan has found him skilled, insightful, creative and wise There are people whose very presence in our lives seems to create a space for things to happen in. Alan is one of those people.
Karen Hirschfeld – KSH Associates Inc

Alan will not solve your problems, but every time you talk to him, you will feel stronger to face the challenges that come your way. He will help you find within yourself the courage to ask tough questions, seek honest answers and, ultimately, do what is best for you. After all, kings had advisors. Why shouldn’t we?
— A.K. Teacher

In my long history of working as a career practitioner, I have come to recognize that employment issues don’t come packaged neatly. When people are looking to find, keep or change their work, they are not making these decisions in a vacuum. Often, there are other people or other circumstances that are impacting on their decision-making. There are financial, relationship, emotional, physical and/or spiritual considerations that come intertwined with the matter of where and how the person will work. Every individual comes with their own unique values, skills and beliefs, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to counselling that can be effective. It is for these reasons that I have often made referrals to Alan Mayer. Alan’s approach to counselling is a holistic one, which takes into account the complexity of each individual. I have come to trust his listening skills, his empathy, his deep respect and his sincere curiosity to get to know each person as a unique individual. Alan has been helpful in assisting individuals to understand themselves better, so that they can make decisions about their work, and their life, that are sensible and positive. His conversational manner engages his clients, and his interest and knowledge encourage them to do the work that is often necessary in order to make the kind of decisions that will lead to greater life satisfaction. People that I have referred to Alan have all thanked me for introducing them to his services.
— Pat Goyette, Former professor Career and Work Counselling Program, George Brown College

I want to say thank you again for our time together in Toronto. The residual effects continue to make me smile daily. The California company that I interviewed with in August has since turned into a really cool client. I will always be grateful for your help. It has and continues to make a significant difference in my life – personally and professionally. May everyone that you work with feel so satisfied!
— A.I. New Media Consultant

Alan Mayer does not practise the ‘one size fits all’ method of counselling — he doesn’t have to. His learnings and readings have introduced him to a wide variety of approaches and he able to draw from his studies to apply the example, or theory, or insight that is always, and without fail, relevant to the situation at hand. The underpinnings of which is always an honest, tempered, caring approach. Which you usually realize two days later, was lobbed into your lap with pin-point accuracy. I call it his “lawn mower” method. You might not get it at the time, but two days later when you’re mowing your lawn it all comes together. And once you’ve mowed enough lawns, it really all does come together.
— H.E. Advertising Executive

Dear Alan, I wish to thank you for the many ways you have been able to help me. The essential problem was that I could not see my purpose in life. Through extensive discussion and different work tools, I have obtained a clear picture of myself, my values and what I need to do and realize in order to be fulfilled. Thanks to your career counseling I have pulled myself out of a desperate work situation and I am now working four months later in the most wonderful job possible and have even been promoted. Thank you for being my guide!
— N.M. Dentist/Gerontolgist

Alan, how can I thank you for everything you have helped me learn about myself? You are so talented as a therapist and I feel so lucky to have met you and to see you as a client. Not worded well—but what the hell? You know what I’m trying to say. Believe me I do know you hold no judgements of me and that is why I can be honest and open with you, and it is rare to find that—someone whom I trust entirely.
— J.F. Social Worker