What Others Say About Alan

Alan is much more than a coach and brings more intuition and experience and downright magic to his encounters than anyone I’ve ever known. It’s rare to find someone with such a mixture of great compassion, intellect, knowledge, and humour. Without exception, every person I’ve recommended go see Alan has found him skilled, insightful, creative and wise. There are people whose very presence in our lives seems to create a space for things to happen in. Alan is one of those people.
Karen Hirschfeld
KSH Associates Inc
Good counsellors are a dime a dozen, but Alan Mayer isn’t a good counsellor… He’s a phenomenal one. He has this rare and intuitive talent that allows him to be both kind and non-judgmental while gently and simultaneously challenging old beliefs and provoking new ways of thinking. I gratefully credit him with helping me navigate through what I consider to be the single biggest challenge I have faced in my life.
Researcher and Mother
I know I'm not the same person I was 6 or even 2 months ago.  Who knew that damn fear and false belief was all that was in the way of getting what I want :-)  I feel like I am finally free to live my life on my terms.  I don't know that there is a way I can ever repay you but THANK YOU!
VP Operations
I finished my PhD and got a job at one of the top consulting firms in the world (I still can't believe this!), and best of all... we got a puppy!! I just wanted to tell you all of this because the sessions with you really helped me turn things around. My life has really changed, and I owe a big part of that change to you and your perspective. So... thank you Alan!
Alan, you were there for me when I needed someone. I enjoyed our conversations which never seemed 'clinical' but rather like I was talking to a wise old friend. You offered me your counselling, wisdom, and insights. You helped me understand who I was and why I was at this place in my life. The cause and effect of my views, my decisions, my actions. Insights into my past and its effects on my life. You helped make me aware, and were a part of my personal growth. You gave me hope that my future could be different. You were instrumental in getting me to a better place. I've changed...evolved? My whole philosophy is now different, and now the powers that be are smiling upon me. You were absolutely right, and yes, it all makes a crazy kind of sense now.  Forever grateful.
Real Estate Broker
Thank you for a great talk today and for your impeccable listening and adding the right comment at the right time and mostly for always 'getting it'.
In my long history of working as a career practitioner, I have come to recognize that employment issues don’t come packaged neatly. When people are looking to find, keep or change their work, they are not making these decisions in a vacuum. Often, there are other people or other circumstances that are impacting on their decision-making. There are financial, relationship, emotional, physical and/or spiritual considerations that come intertwined with the matter of where and how the person will work. Every individual comes with their own unique values, skills, and beliefs, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to counselling that can be effective. It is for these reasons that I have often made referrals to Alan Mayer. Alan’s approach to counselling is a holistic one, which takes into account the complexity of each individual. I have come to trust his listening skills, his empathy, his deep respect, and his sincere curiosity to get to know each person as a unique individual. Alan has been helpful in assisting individuals to understand themselves better so that they can make decisions about their work, and their life, that are sensible and positive. His conversational manner engages his clients, and his interest and knowledge encourage them to do the work that is often necessary in order to make the kind of decisions that will lead to greater life satisfaction. People that I have referred to Alan have all thanked me for introducing them to his services.
Pat Goyette
Former Professor Career and Work Counselling Program, George Brown College
Alan will not solve your problems, but every time you talk to him, you will feel stronger to face the challenges that come your way. He will help you find within yourself the courage to ask tough questions, seek honest answers and, ultimately, do what is best for you. After all, kings had advisors. Why shouldn't we?
Last week A… and I met our daughter, N…, when she was born on Monday. She has been a delight to get to know, and I’m feeling supremely happy and content (albeit a little tired). I’ve thought about the time we spent working together, and I wanted to send you an email to say thanks.  The time we spent together empowered me to go down this direction with A…, and pursue something that I see now as a critical part of my life path.
Business Acquisitions
As I have said to you before, I have seen many "therapists" over my life thinking that there is something wrong with me, something I need to fix...a reason why I am unlovable or constantly breaking things. Not until I started meeting with you did I, and in a good way, doubt that that may indeed not be the case. I am certainly some way from accepting myself in a positive and empowered way, but I am grateful for your insight, for the sense that you legitimately seem interested in what I have to say and my perspective on who I am, and the sage advice you give me out of that. One day, hopefully in the not too distant future, I will have the presence of mind to be grateful for the events that brought me to you.
Advertising Creative
Alan Mayer does not practise the ‘one size fits all’ method of counselling -- he doesn’t have to. His learnings and readings have introduced him to a wide variety of approaches and be able to draw from his studies to apply the example, or theory, or insight that is always, and without fail, relevant to the situation at hand. The underpinnings of which is always an honest, tempered, caring approach. Which you usually realize two days later, was lobbed into your lap with pinpoint accuracy. I call it his “lawnmower” method. You might not get it at the time, but two days later when you’re mowing your lawn it all comes together. And once you’ve mowed enough lawns, it really all does come together.
Advertising Executive
Thank you for today. Gained some much needed clarity and strength. Really helped. You're the real deal Alan. A good genuine person.
Hi Alan. Your comments really connected with my heart - I’m so inspired to be uncovering these truths and diving in.  Freedom is on the other side. I see that now. It’s worth it. We have covered a lot of important ground together and you have been such amazing support. I couldn’t ask for anyone better on this journey. Thank you.
Marketing Executive
It was good seeing you yesterday, thanks for a great session.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate being able to share all the good and the challenging parts of my life with you and to have your insight and guidance.  You’re truly a special human being and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you as my Counsellor.
Child Protection Services
I want to say thank you again for our time together in Toronto. The residual effects continue to make me smile daily. The California company that I interviewed with in August has since turned into a really cool client. I will always be grateful for your help. It has and continues to make a significant difference in my life - personally and professionally. May everyone that you work with feel so satisfied!
New Media Consultant
Dear Alan, I wish to thank you for the many ways you have been able to help me. The essential problem was that I could not see my purpose in life. Through extensive discussion and different work tools, I have obtained a clear picture of myself, my values and what I need to do and realize in order to be fulfilled. Thanks to your career counseling I have pulled myself out of a desperate work situation and I am now working four months later in the most wonderful job possible and have even been promoted. Thank you for being my guide!
Alan, how can I thank you for everything you have helped me learn about myself?  I feel so lucky to have met you and to see you as a client. I know you hold no judgements of me and that is why I can be honest and open with you, and it is rare to find that—someone whom I trust entirely.
Social Worker
I had my annual review on March 16th. My boss actually told me to write to you to express the fact that he could see me mentally rummaging through my newly stocked ‘toolbox’, use the right tool, and have a meaningful interaction. He hugged me, said he was so impressed at the positive changes, and said to give you a huge thank you for aiding me in this journey. There’s still more… I feel like an immense weight has been lifted since we discovered and acknowledged my deepest wound. I have had a string of open, honest conversations with people about how I feel. I’m no longer afraid of them walking away. I know the right people will stay for the right reasons and that I will validate and love myself either way. I have also been paying off debt and getting rid of physical clutter in my personal spaces. It is like a collective weight has been lifted in so many areas of my daily life.
Alan - I was triggered today again, but I feel completely different than I have in the past week. I feel a little bit hurt, but I'm not being plagued with all the negative thoughts like before. Thank you so much for last night - our conversation has made a real difference in my way of feeling!
Therapist in Training
Great news.... last week I was asked to come in for an interview at Corus for a position (Production Coordinator) within their animation studio Nelvana.  This was after I had my informational interview with the VP of original programming. I went in and they told me that they had 500 plus applicants and had narrowed it down to six, then they were narrowing it down to two for the second round of interviews. I was asked back for a second interview. I met with the VP of Production. Alan, this is where True Colours comes in to play! She came in and was very serious but by the end of the interview I had her smiling and she even suggested a book for me to read! I remembered everything from true colours and spoke to her colour (she was a green - she figures out technical problems in animation) and so I spoke with intelligence and asked insightful questions, to which she was excited to reply with answers on how she manages the issues on various productions. I was officially offered the job this week! I would have never taken these interviews if it had been for your guidance and reassurance in our first session. I'm beyond excited to start the new role & wanted to share the great news with you.
Production Co-ordinator

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