Counselling Services

Understanding, guidance and direction for tough times!

In-person sessions or online counselling by telephone, Zoom or Skype. Compassionate and confidential. Helping you cope with problems and difficulties at work and at home.

Seeing Clients from the Beaches and the Toronto area. Online and telephone sessions available for clients across Canada, the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom during Covid-19 crisis.

alan mayer counselling


Personal Counselling

Helping you resolve life’s painful problems and difficulties. Exploring ways to cope with your anxiety, depression, fear, grief, conflicts in relationship and lack of confidence.

Providing insight into overwhelming thoughts, feelings and destructive behaviour in safe, non-judgmental, confidential

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Career Counselling

Helping you find the right fit in the world of work. Providing tests and exercises to discover your abilities, interests, values, purpose and giftedness.

Direction and guidance as you research and explore career options. Advice and support as you develop a career path that will lead you to the work you love.

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Online via Zoom, Skype or by Telephone

Available by telephone or video. As effective, compassionate, and confidential as office sessions in-person. Save time and avoid traffic by having appointments in the comfort and safety of your own home.

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